Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bacon bummer

Can't touch this!
In recent travels I have twice encountered a new trend in hotel breakfast buffets. Hotels are using slices of bread—for crying out loud!--to absorb the grease from the sausages and bacon offered their guests. It’s a good idea, I guess, unless the guests happen to have celiac disease.

In both cases I felt a brief sense of grief and loss, as I realized that one of the few foods on the morning buffet that I could eat was no longer an option for me. (No way can folks with celiac disease partake of the ubiquitous waffles, cereals, toast or muffins.) But then I gathered my courage and explained the problem to the breakfast attendants, both of whom kindly offered to fix sausages for me without the “grease absorbers.”

The lesson: Don’t be shy to educate hotel managers and breakfast attendants about such issues. Being an educator is a role that those of us with celiac disease must take on—whether we want it or not--if we hope to improve our chances of eating safely while on the road.