Sunday, March 22, 2015


Yogurt topped with pulpa de fruta and
REnola makes it hard to wait for morning!
In the past year, I have become a missionary for homemade yogurt. I eat it nearly every morning—and I think everyone else should, too. In fact, I am so blinded by my enthusiasm for the stuff that I can’t see anyone else’s point of view.   Maybe you’ve read my previous blogs touting its 
virtues . . .

When I was in Costa Rica during January, I accidently discovered a product which raised my daily yogurt experience to a spiritual event.  The product, which I stumbled upon in the fruit section of the grocery store I frequented, is called pulpa de fruta, which is pretty much just what it sounds like: fruit pulp. Costa Ricans use it to create fruit drinks, but I immediately recognized it as the perfect topping for my yogurt. The store carried a variety of flavors, but my pulpa of choice was raspberry. I was so devoted to it that throughout the afternoons and evenings, I daydreamed about pouring it over my yogurt the next morning.

As my time in CR drew to an end, imagine my dismay to learn that there is no place in the US to purchase this nectar of the gods! I thought Amazon had everything, but a search for pulpa de fruta on that site brought up a bag of Chilean Assorted Fruit Candies for $39.99 a bag, a few books, a hand juicer, and other unrelated items. A general search of the Internet didn’t succeed much better, either. I returned home in abject despair, an outcast of heaven on earth. Until yesterday!

REnola is gluten-free, grain-free, and paleo-friendly.
Yesterday I decided it was time to clean out my freezer, to use up the abandoned bags of fruits and vegetables and packages of meats purchased for recipes that had never made an appearance on my table. The first bag I grabbed was a bag of frozen raspberries, which I set on my counter to thaw for raspberry muffins or raspberry crisp or whatever.

When I dumped the contents of the thawed bag into a bowl, I had an epiphany—well, actually it was more like a “DUH” moment--I could make my own Pulpa de Fruta! I mashed up the raspberries, added honey, and there it was!

This morning I had it atop my homade yogurt along with another of my recent discoveries: Larabar’s REnola—a grain free, gluten free delicious granola. (It’s even paleo friendly, if you’re into that!) My breakfast has been redeemed!