Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How sweet it isn't

Note the first ingredient in the GF cornbread!
So, a while back I blogged about how glad I was that Aldi’s is offering gluten-free foods (at least, seasonally).  I’m still very grateful that the company is beginning to recognize people’s needs for gluten-free foods.

The problem, however, is that among the main ingredients in some of Aldi’s products (as well as those of other brands) is SUGAR! In fact, sugar is the first ingredient listed on the cornbread mix I picked up.

Since I spent 90 days on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) earlier this year, I have been trying to eliminate most sugar from my diet. (Honey is the only form of sugar that is allowed on the SCD.) I have felt much better in recent weeks, at least in part because of that change.  I’m sure that eliminating all grains and most dairy products also played a large part. (And now I’ve even eliminated my morning coffee, but that’s another story.)
If you care about your health,
check out this documentary!

Last weekend, though, I saw a documentary film that rocked my world: Fed Up.  The film is narrated by Katie Couric and directed by Stephanie Soechtig (who also co-directed the 2009 documentary Tapped, which explores the connection between ocean pollution and bottled water).  Fed Up describes how sugar is ruining the health of our nation, causing obesity, diabetes, and many other life-threatening health conditions. The film will make you aware of just how damaging and addictive sugar is.

Enjoy your last bowl of ice cream or your last piece of pie or your last Snickers candy bar, and go see the film. I came away from it, vowing to work even harder to  (mostly) avoid the not-so-sweet stuff!