Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Joy from the World

Caro sent a German gluten-free cookbook!
I can't wait to try the Kaesespaetzle!

While the children were growing up, our family hosted several wonderful foreign exchange students. We loved them, laughed with them, learned from them--and suffered when they left us at the end of their terms. Two of them—Tomomi from Japan and Caroline from Germany—have remained especially close throughout the years. We’ve visited back and forth with them and enjoy sending gifts and messages on a regular basis.

This morning we opened Christmas packages from them, and—here’s how thoughtful they are--they both showed their love by being mindful of my gluten issues! I’ve never spoken directly with them about my celiac disease, but they gleaned that information from my blog or Facebook posts and put some real thought into the gifts they sent me! It’s that kind of consideration that made these young women perfect representatives of their countries when they were younger and the successes they are today.

Tomomi sent a package of Japanese "Rice Krispies Treats"  (Shown above). Yum!
And she even translated the contents, which were printed on the wrapper!

Today I would like to wish my readers—especially our foreign exchange students--a Merry Christmas and a Happy (Gluten-Free) New Year!