Thursday, August 29, 2013

Press on (Pt. 2)

Before Panini press.

At the risk of becoming tedious, I feel compelled to proclaim the virtues of my wonderful new Panini press once again. And this time I took photos!

After Panini press.

Using a Rudi’s Spelt Tortilla, shredded cheese, two slices of chopped pre-cooked bacon, a fresh tomato, fresh basil, and a bit of black olive tapenade—I shared the recipe yesterday—I made a perfect quesadilla in my shiny new press (and “perfect” isn’t a word I use very often to describe my cooking!) I put a little light sour cream on the side for dipping, chopped up a fresh peach for dessert, and—oh, sweet mother of pearl--heaven!

Am I the last person in the world to catch on to this wonderful little kitchen appliance? My quality of (gluten-free) life has suddenly made a dramatic improvement!