Saturday, August 10, 2013


Obsession for me is not a fragrance by Calvin Klein. Nope, my latest obsession is surfing the Internet, looking for advice for dealing with celiac disease. You know how it works: if you’re on a diet to lose weight, the only thing you think about all day long is food, food, food. That’s how I am with celiac disease.

About the time I think I’ve read every single article on the Internet about celiac disease, I find something new. Today it was an excellent little fact sheet—“no. 9.375,” to be exact—published on the Colorado State University Extension website titled “Gluten-Free Diet Guide for People with Newly Diagnosed Celiac Disease.”

This little article lists 10 steps to the gluten-free diet that are an excellent place to start, if you want to understand (or in my case to be re-re-re- … reminded of) what the GF world is all about. After the occasional experience of “glutening,” I return to square one, taking no chances by going to restaurants or eating any type of processed food. This publication is a great square one.

Here’s an excerpt from this great little fact sheet:

Step 3. Plan One Week's Menu Around Naturally Gluten-Free Foods
Don't know where to start? Try these suggestions:
Most microwave popcorn is gluten-free.
Be sure to check the label.
            Cream of rice cereal with fresh fruit or nuts
            Cottage cheese or yogurt with fresh fruit
            Scrambled eggs, bacon and fresh fruit
            Egg, cheese, and vegetable omelet with potatoes and fresh fruit
Lunches and Dinners
            Baked potato with cheese and vegetables
            Corn tortillas with stir-fried meat and vegetables
            Stir-fried meat and vegetables with rice and wheat-free tamari
            Bean-and-cheese burritos made with corn tortillas
            Grilled meat or fish, baked potato and vegetables
            Plain rice cakes with cheese or peanut butter
            Nachos made with plain corn chips, cheese and salsa
            Celery sticks with cream cheese or peanut butter
            String cheese
            Plain popcorn with oil and salt
            Fresh or canned fruit with yogurt or ice cream

This is ideal information for those of us with celiac disease to pass along to our friends and family members who are trying to figure out how to deal with us.  There are tons of great resources listed at the end of the article, too, so if you’re a celiac surfer like me, scroll down to the list at the bottom—and obsess away!

Go to this website to read the entire fact sheet: